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Into Higher DIMENSIONS BY VERONICA LEE Our reality, in the third dimensional realm, is rooted in the con- cept of space and time. Our physical bodies are formed within a specific space, we are born at a certain time and, as humans, our lives continue to unfold along this linear pattern. As third dimen- sional beings, in order to live on planet Earth, we must agree to the time-space continuum. Though confined to some degree by our physicality in this dimension, we know our spiritual essence is eter- nal and constant, which defies both time and space as well as any particular dimension. Our thoughts, feelings and other non-physical aspects of ourselves are already engaged in other dimen- sions, namely the fourth and fifth, but we often don’t recognize these dimensions as such. Instead we “den- sify” our non-physical energies by habitually incorporating them; or we disregard them altogether. Yet, at this time in our human-spiritual evo- lution, our awareness of our multi- dimensionality is expanding. We are ready to move beyond the third dimension and consciously explore higher realms beyond mere thoughts and feelings.