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true visage, free of all the trivial annoyances that make life a burden to bear in day- to-day existence? Will this bonus day, shed the dowdy dress with which it conceals its features and stand before me in all of its natural, radiant glory? the last time, appreciating the sky for the last time, checking the time on your watch for the last time, feeling certain, for the very last time, that death is something that only hap- pens to other people It is impossible to accept there will come a time when Should I grab this day by its we will experience our last legs, turn it upside down and moments, yet it is indubitable give it a good shaking, so that all of us will have our final all the secrets it has stashed day. in its hidden pockets come tumbling down at my feet? The decision lies with you: Should I live this day as if it is the very first day of the rest of my life or as if it is the very last day of my life? What would it be like to live your very last day like a con- demned man? Can you imag- ine breathing your last breath, uttering your last word, tast- ing your last bite of bread, waking for the last time, see- ing your mirror reflection for A Every day you are given twenty-four immaculate gems all neatly assembled into one resplendent ornament. Not everyone is privileged to receive such a gift. Will you wear it as a burden or as a treasure? Author’s Notes 1) 2012 was a leap year. 2) In Australia, of course, the seasons are reversed and sum- mer is considered to end on February 28. Boris Glikman is a writer, poet and philosopher from Mel- bourne, Australia. He says: “Writing for me is a spiritual activity of the highest degree. Writing gives me the conduit to a world that is un- reachable by any other means, a world that is populated by Eternal Truths, Ineffable Ques- tions and Infinite Beauty. It is my hope that these stories of mine will allow the reader to also catch a glimpse of this universe.” Boris welcomes feedback and can be contacted by email at bozlich@yahoo. You can find more of his writings in his blog: Facebook: http://www.facebook. com/bozlich/ Twitter: @bozlich Life Day in the By Boris Glikman