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Here are few simple but very effec- tive meditations practiced by sages and spiritual masters for ages: RHYTMIC BREATHING Rhythmic breathing can help cleanse and polish the body and mind. Focusing on the in- coming and outgoing breath for 5-10 minutes every day can clear away all the toxins giving way to a clear/focused mind and a healthy/ glowing body. A simple exercise is to observe the breath for a few minutes as it enters our nostrils and follow it as goes through throat, chest and stomach and as it comes out full circle. CRYSTAL CVE MEDITATION cusing on Heart center. Chant “HAM” for the throat center. Chant “OM” for third eye. Silence is the mantra for the Crown chakra. Feel the peace and calm. This meditation helps re- move blockages and balance all chakras lead- ing to free flow of energy. Fill the body with pure white healing light when breathing in and breathe out darkness when breathing out. Allow the light to en- ter the root chakra at the base of your spine. Cleanse and brighten this ruby red chakra with white light. After clearing root, move on the orange sacral chakra that is 3 inches below the navel. Focus on solar plexus, just above the naval, sunshine yellow in color. Move on to the emerald green heart center, cleanse and open it up. Brighten the robin blue throat chakra. Feel the indigo third eye chakra expanding and opening up. Allow the white light to enter the crown chakra, cov- ering our head like a dome to expand and brighten. Now feel all the chakras vibrating and merging with each other forming a bright white light column. Stay in this healing light for a few minutes and then send any excess healing energy to Mother earth. A 5-20 minutes meditation in a crystal cave is immensely healing. Visualize self in a clear quartz crystal cave with crystal flooring, walls and ceiling. Make self comfortably seated on a crystal bench under a crystal that’s pouring pure healing fluid into the crown, imagine it flowing through each and every part of the body. This energy massages and heals all the stress, pain, and discomfort from the entire physical and etheric body. Come out of the Another powerful way to cleanse and heal is cave feeling brighter and revitalized. to chant the healing mantra “Hari OM”. Take a deep breath in and chant “Hari OM” focus- ing on root chakra. Chant it once, twice, 5, 7 or CHANTING MANTRAS Chanting seed mantras for each chakra for a 11 times focusing on root, sacral, solar plexus, few minutes is a very powerful way of cleans- heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. You ing and uplifting ourselves. When we chant will feel a calming, peaceful energy rising up these mantras, we resonate with the energy as all the chakras are cleaned, opened, bal- of the associated chakra, helping us focus anced and healed. upon our own instinctive awareness of our body & its needs. Chant “LAM” in mind silently Pick any or try all of these techniques one at a while focusing on the root chakra. Repeat a time regularly for a life full of love, peace and few times. Feeling complete, bring attention joy… to Sacral chakra and chant “VAM” a few times and then let it go. Move on to the Solar Plexus Monika Goyal is a Spiritual Counselor/Healer and chant ‘RAM”. Chant “YAM” a few times, fo-