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What Station Are By Carl Studna …and how For those of you that have been around long enough to remember the analog radio dials (and for those that haven’t, use your creativity), imagine turning the dial to find a station that you really like. It might be your favorite style of music, or a talk show that reflects your values. Because you’re not using preset buttons that immediately take you to your desired destination, you traverse along the airwaves paying momentary visits to a host of dif- ferent worlds ranging from polka to acid rock, sprinkled with seasonings of “good moral value” stations, progressive radio and all of the Spanish speak- ing stations at the end of the dial. Along the way, you encounter the world of STATIC, living between each unique broad- cast. Remember what that sounds like? It’s filled with lots of hiss, gurgling and overall unpleasant sensations. Usually, you wish to remove yourself from the static as soon as humanly possible and find your desired home station where you feel connected and in sync. And that’s exactly what you do, right? It wouldn’t be likely that you’d hang out or wallow in the hiss and gurgle for too long…why would you? So why is it that we as a culture tend to spend so much time in the static of our confusion between the sta- tions we wish to be broadcasting to the world? It’s as if we have a hard time locating our desired frequency that we wish to claim and express. A high percentage of people seem to either be unclear as to what ig- nites them or what their innate tal- ents are and how to best express these gifts. Perhaps this quandary is largely due to growing up in a soci- ety that expects us to learn these es- sential insights through our schooling and in our home. Unfortunately, our educational sys- tem has not evolved much, if any,