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Using Your Intuitive Brain This year create and develop your own internal guidance system. By connecting to your intuition, honing an ability to hear your inner voice and being con- stantly connected to your divine guidance, your life will expand and grow in ways that will amaze you. You may already be in tune with your intuition or perhaps you’ve had some intuitive knowing, or experience, but you don’t know how to work with it and control it so you can get more detailed information or use it when you need it. Maybe you think that you are not intuitive at all. Well, we all are intuitive; it is a natural part of us and our brains. Did you know that you have two brains inside your head? One is the left brain (left side) and the other is the right brain (right side). Each side performs very different functions and it is the right side that is inherently built for intuition. You could even say that it is our intuitive mind. The left brain is analytical, it is sequential, it pro- cesses language and is critical. The right brain is cre- ative, has spatial awareness, understands the whole picture and is imaginative. We live with these two sides of our brains, as two per- sonalities in one. We draw on the pieces of each side as we need them, and both sides work in balance and cooperation with each other. Because our society em- phasizes activities that mostly use our left brains, we be- come left-brain dominant. We talk, we analyze and we plan and make judgements all the time. The right brain is said to be the part of the brain that is intuitive and, in some ways, enlightened. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuro- scientist, had a stroke in her left brain and fully experienced only thinking with her right brain while conscious. She then re- covered the use of her left brain fully to be able to write a book about her experience. Coupling her knowledge as a neuroscientist and her own experiences, she has a unique view on exactly what our right brain does for us from the inside out. She describes the right brain for herself, as well as all of us, “My right mind is all about the richness of this present moment. It is filled with gratitude for my life and everything in it. It is content, compassionate, nurturing and eternally optimistic... My right mind is open to the eternal flow whereby I exist as one with the universe. It is the