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After mankind had recovered from the shock of losing their beloved star, plans were made to locate it and put it back in its rightful place. Great rewards were of- fered to anyone who could provide information as to its whereabouts. Police forces allocated The their best men to try and pinpoint who world awoke one was likely to commit such an act. Pres- bright morning to find that the Sun was gone, replaced by a circular sure was put on crime organisations to reveal if this was their doing and if so, cardboard cutout. A yellow pencil, with some of the coloring straying beyond the how much they wanted for the Sun’s safe release. Clairvoyants were called upon to circumference of the disc and staining the blueness of the sky roughly colored use their abilities to intuit where it might the cutout in. Short cardboard rays were be held against its will. coming out of the rim and there was a smiley face sketched inside the circle. It Despite these exhaustive efforts, the Sun looked just like a child’s drawing of the remained missing, although people still clung to the hope that it would be found Sun. alive.